Ching Coatings New Product Ranges

    2K EP/PUR High Solids Coating System


     The system consists of the following products:-

  • ESD 182 2K EP White K-DB HS Zinc Phosphate Primer
  • ESD 152 Grey 2K EPZinc Dust Primer
  • ESD 1023 Grey 2K EP Zinc Flake Primer
  • ESD 156 Grey 2K EP Zinc Dust Primer
  • ESD 30 Grey TR 2K EP MIOX Intermediate Primer
  • ASD 43/45/47 2K PUR HS Topcoat


    Polyaspartic Coatings

  • Solvent free 2K PAS single coat paint/topcoat (VOC content     65 g/lt
  • Thick film application of 100 - 150 µm DFT in 1 coat
  • Very fast drying, regardless of film thickness and weather conditions such as low temperatures (below 5“C )
  • Good light fastness and weather resistance plus excellent anticorrosive properties when used in combination with a primer.
  • High mechanical resistance such as impact and abrasion resistance.
  • High chemical resistance to organic solvents, fuels, oils, (fabrication, hydraulic and transformer oils and various acids). 
  • This coating system consists of primers and topcoat

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Oil resistant coatings


HEM 182 White K-DB Zinc Phosphate Primer (Water Based)

EMC 182 White K-DB Zinc Phosphate Primer (Solvent Based)

ESD 182 White K-DB Zinc Phosphate Primer (High Solid Solvent Based)


The above primers can be used as internal coatings to provide anticorrosive properties for the internal surfaces of transformer tanks and they are resistant the following substances:-

  • Transformer oils
  • Hydraulic system oils
  • Resistant to some Acids
  • Organic solvents
  • fabrication oils
  • Fuels & Oils

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