Aqua Industrial Coatings Ltd


Aqua Industrial Coatings are an industrial paint and coatings supplier of solvent, water based, high solid and solvent free coatings to the manufacturing sector.  We have over 44 years experience of working in the coatings industry supplying many segments of the market with coatings from low anticorrosive protection (DIN ISO 12944 EN C3) to very high anticorrsive protection (DIN ISO 12944 EN CX) for onshore and offshore applications.


Based in Stone, Staffordshire we supply companies throughout the UK, Ireland, in mainland Europe and beyond.  


Aqua Industrial Coatings - Partner


Aqua Industrial Coatings are the sole importer for the UK & ROI of the Ching Coatings product ranges.  Aqua Industrial Coatings works closely with Ching Coatings who are based in Bavaria, Germany.  Ching Coatings researches and develops coatings for many industrial manufacturing market segments  They have a wide range of water based coatings, solvent based coatings, high solid coatings and solvent free coatings, in both 2K and 1K ranges, as well as specialist coatings.


For over 76 years Chemische Industrie Erlangen GmbH (Ching Coatings) has been active in the market for anticorrosive coatings and industrial paints.  Ching Coatings is a third generation family owned company.


From the very begining, Ching Coatings major interest has been in developing coatings which will be of the utmost benefit to their customers and over the past seven decades have therefore made it their priorty to develop sophisticated products which are efficient and yet respect the environment.


Ching Coatings have put this philosophy into practise by developing coating systems which are low in solvents (VOC) and high in solids.  From early on they have concentrated on water based products and as a result they offer a broad range of these products today.  Furthermore Ching Coatings have placed emphasis on thin film coatings that allow a reduction in labour and material costs. They are always investing in up to date production technology and storage concepts to provide their customers with excellent service and support.


Ching Coatings supply products which meet the anticorrosive protection standards from DIN ISO 12944 EN C3 to CX offshore applications.


Ching Coatings currently trades with the following countries :-

North America, China, India, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Slowenia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, South Korea, and United Kingdom to name but a few!

Cheniische Industrie Erlangen GmbH

Rathenaustr. 18 - 91052

Erlangen, Germany